A desktop application that helps you build a healthy habit of blinking, reducing Visual Fatigue and preventing or relieving the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome and other eye diseases.
The average person usually blinks 15 to 25 times per minute, but in front of the computer they are reduced to 3 or 4 per minute, because unconsciously we drastically reduce our frequency of blinking when working in front of the computer compromising our visual health.
With each blinking of the eye, the basal tears flow through the cornea, nourishing their cells and providing a layer of liquid protection against the environment. When we do not blink enough we cause irritation, blurred vision, tiredness and pain around the eyes.
How does it work?
Ciclope looks at your eyes in detail and catches your attention (visually or audibly) only when you do not blink enough.
Turn your computer into an assistant dedicated to the care of your vision. The user interface is very simple, you will learn how to use it in a minute.
At the top of the user interface, you will find a monitor that shows what Ciclope is seeing through the webcam (no information is stored or transmitted, more details in our Privacy Policy).

Just below, it is possible to select the difficulty level, with the left end being the easiest and the right being the most demanding, this allows you to set a goal between 6 and 15 blinks per minute.

Difficulty level

At the bottom you can customize the way Ciclope will get your attention when you don't blink enough.

The first option uses the notification manager of the operating system. The other options are auditory: random sounds of Colombian birds, a classic system beep or any word you want using the default voice of your computer.
Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in 32 or 64 bits.
(Coming soon for Mac OS and free version for Linux).


Web camera available (built-in or external)
Minimum resolution: SVGA (800 x 600 px)
Recommended resolution: HD (1280 x 720 px)

Frequently asked questions
  • Is my privacy protected?
      Yes it is, all graphic processing is done in the volatile memory of the computer, Ciclope works completely offline.
  • Does it work from any angle and distance?
      Ciclope works correctly using the distance and position recommended by ergonomics, place the camera in front of you and calculate the correct distance using your arm as a measure. It tolerates face rotations of around 30 degrees to the left and right, enough to work on a large screen or two screens with the camera in the center.
  • I use computer glasses, can Ciclope track my eyes?
      Yes, it can see your eyes through glasses as long as the lenses are not dark.
  • Do I need an internet connection to use this application?
      Only for the activation of the product, requested the first time it runs on your computer; from then on it never requires or uses your internet connection.
  • Windows blocks the installation
      Windows Defender SmartScreen is a security filter that sometimes blocks new programs, please skip this message by clicking on "More info" and "Run anyway".
  • Ciclope can't find my webcam
      On Windows, only one application can use the camera at a time, make sure that no other program or website is using it and click on the retry button.
For any additional questions, please contact us through info@ciclope.co.